Specializing in the coastal area north of Puerto Vallarta

Construction Management and Facilitation

  • House tour
    • A big help as you frame your ideas as to what kind of house you want to build

  • Help finding an architect based on your wants/needs and personal aesthetic
  • Plan review
    • Essential to insure that the rigorous North American standards and aesthetics have been incorporated (large bathrooms, commodious closets, well-designed kitchen, sensible electrical plans, etc.); also to insure that special requirements of the Bahia area have been adequately addressed (ventilation, soil conditions, run-off, water purification, animal discouragement, etc.)

  • Help finding a good builder
  • Help estimating all-in costs
    • Not as simple as in US where everything is included
    • In Mexico, some builders just provide the structure and you hire the carpenter, the tiler, etc. This can actually save you a lot of money if you have knowledge of good craftsmen to work with. Also, most builders provide a bid that you think is firm, but that they think is ball-park as most building in Mexico is based on time and materials. This is often misunderstood as trying to cheat you; but is actually the normal way of estimating a project in Mexico. We will guide you as to what to expect, as to what you actual costs will be, and as to when your house is likely to be completed.

  • Construction management
    • Frequent on-site checks
    • Field measurement to insure plans are executed correctly
    • On site course-correction if necessary
    • Frequent communication via phone and e-mail as to progress/problems, including digital photographs transmitted via internet

  • Help hiring the finest artisans
    • Master tilers, carpenters, stonemasons, plumbers and electricians

  • Local purchasing of items necessary for construction
    • Tiles, lighting fixtures, appliances, plumbing fixtures, etc.

  • Help securing in-absentia property management and property rental once your home is finished

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