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Who is the '& Co.' in Seggerman & Co.?

Mary Seggerman
Mary spent the first half of her life working for General Foods, Miller Brewing Co. and Peet's Coffee & Tea. Her last real job was as VP, Marketing for PowerBar. Since moving to Mexico, she has been designing and building houses. She likes to employ indigenous materials such as brazil wood, talavera tiles, hand-fired floor tiles and custom-fired brick. And she works with artisans to build using the beautiful old-fashioned methods that are fast disappearing. This includes glorious palapa construction, hand-tinted concrete floors, old-style plastering and brushless painting using hand-mixed paints. Mary also designs every house to accommodate the needs of its inhabitants. She listens carefully to how her clients like to live in a house, and designs accordingly. While she enjoys using Mexican materials and craftsmanship, she believes in designing houses with gracious proportions, gourmet kitchens, commodious bathrooms and ample storage. Her style is warm and romantic, but also elegant and refined. Mary has an MBA from The Wharton School (comes in handy for keeping the books).

Tim Seggerman
Tim is an architect designing and building in Manhattan. His latest project took three years to complete: the conversion of a two-story parking garage for NYC buses into a 6-story single-family residence. Tim's work has been significantly influenced by the great Mexican architect, Luis Barragan. His style is clean, uncluttered and incomparably elegant. He likes to collaborate on projects in Mexico, and lends his expertise, and his design aesthetic, to many of our projects.

Ed Fladung
Ed is the member of our team who manages electrical and plumbing work. He studied engineering, but ultimately decided that his field was too constraining, and too boring. He has spent the past decade developing his creative side, including photography, painting and tile design. Ed's unique combination of right- and left-brained thinking has been invaluable to our projects. He is especially adept at creating warm and wonderful lighting plans, as well as interesting color palettes.

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